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Providing Digital Solutions for Libraries, Knowledge Centers & Higher Education & More in the Arab world.

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About us Naseej

33 Years of Operations

Our History

  • IPO


    In 2022| Naseej Made it’s first IPO (Initial Public Offering) in Nomu Parallel Market.

  • National Platform

    National Platform

    In 2020 | Naseej Developed The National Platform for Unified Academic Accreditation in Saudi Arabia

  • Mohammed bin Rashid Library

    Mohammed bin Rashid Library

    In 2019 | Naseej Developed Mohammed bin Rashid Library (one of the largest and most modern Arab libraries)

  • The Ministry of Interior e-Services

    The Ministry of Interior e-Services

    In 2018 | Naseej Developed The Ministry of Interior e-services program for the business sector in Saudi Arabia

  • Business Intelligence Platform

    Business Intelligence Platform

    In 2017 | Naseej Developed The largest Educational Business Intelligence platform in Saudi Arabia

  • Student Information System

    Student Information System

    In 2016 | Naseej Developed The largest student information system application in the Middle East

  • Cloud Learning Platform

    Cloud Learning Platform

    In 2014 | Naseej Developed The first fully-integrated Cloud Learning Platform

  • “Maiser e-Services”

    “Maiser e-Services”

    In 2012 | Maiser E-Services (A Service Developed by Naseej)  Became the Most visited e-services in Saudi Arabia

  • Biggest Learning Network

    Biggest Learning Network

    In 2007 | Naseej Developed The largest network of learning resource centers in Jordan

  • The largest Arab information service

    The largest Arab information service

    In 2005 | Naseej Created The Largest Arab Information Service – The Unified Arab Catalog

  • First ISP

    First ISP

    In 1999 | Naseej was The first internet service provider in Saudi Arabia

  • Arabic Email Portal

    Arabic Email Portal

    In 1997 | Naseej Developed The first Arabic Internet and e-mail portal

  • Information Network

    Information Network

    In 1993 | Naseej Became the First information network in the Mena Region

  • Foundation


    Naseej Foundation in 1989 in Saudi Arabia


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We Enable Digital Transformation in Learning & Knowledge Management that Results in Rich User Experiences and Minimizes Clients Burdens, enabling them to Focus on Achieving their Strategic Objectives.

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