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Naseej For Technology
Naseej For Technology

Solutions for Public & Cultural Libraries

Naseej offers libraries of all types “Symphony”, a robust Integrated Library System (ILS) built for now and the next generation in library technology, which made Symphony the most widely installed ILS around the world

Naseej Empowers Your Library with Symphony

Versatile with Tons of Options

No need to change—Symphony changes for you. With hosting options, flexible consortia configuration, and APIs and web services for customization, you can deploy Symphony to fit your library needs.

Powerful to Get Things Done

Symphony’s modules give you granular rules so you can form and manage your ILS the way you want, whether it’s for Circulation, or Cataloging.

Customizable Workflows for every staff role

Rich functionality gives your staff, no matter their tasks or roles, the support they need in all their tasks. All through an easy configurable system.


Symphony’s streamlining strengths include, among many others: demand management for efficient fulfillment of popular materials; blanket holds across multiple titles or items; batch editing and on-shelf hold processing; right-click menus; and group management tools for families or book groups.


For library staff, security is a vital priority. Symphony gives you extreme control over viewing privileges, policies and more. Symphony’s built-in offline mode kicks in to handle power and network outages.


Flexible circulation policies put you in control of what goes where, when and how. Fully documented APIs and an open development platform mean you can also tweak the system at will.


More than any other system, Symphony lets libraries serve their users. Books by mail, self-service holds, mobile circulation support, and more, ensure that your system is agile and available to support users’ access to the library by whatever means.

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