Naseej Innovation Lab

Naseej Innovation Lab was created to tackle the most pressing digital transformation challenges faced by organizations in our region. With a proven legacy and passion for pushing boundaries, at Naseej we are determined to lead our customers through the complexities of the digital age, empowering them to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape. Our mission is clear – to be the driving force behind innovative solutions that address the dynamic challenges posed by digital transformation. Through collaborative efforts and cutting-edge technologies, we aim to equip our partners with the tools they need to adapt, thrive, and succeed in a rapidly changing world


The Right Answers Start with the Right Questions

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Change Drives Growth

Great Ideas Requires Risk

Technologies & Areas that Naseej Innovation Lab is working on

Internet of Things (IOT)

VR & Augmented Reality

Machine learning


Artificial intelligence


Our Innovations

NooN AI - Arabic Language Model

“Noon” is an AI Arabic Language Model developed by Naseej Innovation Lab

as an open-source initiative empowering Arabic developers to drive Arabic AI advancements and Arabic-based AI offerings and products. The language model is pronounced “Noon” from the Arabic letter corresponding to “N”, which is also the first letter of “Naseej”.

“Noon” boasts a 7 billion parameter Arabic Language Model that enhances automated content creation and conversational AI capabilities, and is tailored to the unique nuances of the Arabic language with an extensive vocabulary, an advanced understanding of Arabic grammar, and a deep comprehension of cultural contexts. The model can fluently generate Arabic text, analyze sentiments, and provide accurate responses, that promises to unlock a myriad

of opportunities for developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the Arabic-speaking world.

“Noon” is available as an open-source model on the “Hugging Face” AI community. The team at Naseej Innovation Lab are working on enhancing the language model by focusing on three tracks that includes data collection and preparation, model training and fine-tuning and model alignment.

To visit the Naseej page on the Huggingface community, please follow the following link:

Itcan virtual tutor

“itcan” is an AI based virtual tutor that aims to transform learning and training. Launched in an Alpha version, “itcan” is designed to adapt to each user’s unique learning style, pace, and preferences, whereby the AI tutor analyzes data on user interactions, performance, and feedback in order provide personalized recommendations and targeted assistance, ensuring maximum engagement and retention of course material. The term “itcan” is derived from the Arabic word for “mastery”, which the virtual tutor aims to achieve by assisting user to “master” learning & training curricula.

The AI virtual tutor also includes unique features such as natural language processing capabilities, enabling learners to ask questions and receive instant, tailored responses. The tutor’s adaptive learning path ensures that users receive the right content at the right time, making learning engaging and enjoyable. The service is also equipped with an extensive library of interactive lessons, quizzes, and practice exercises, learners can deepen their understanding, reinforce concepts, and track their progress over time.


If you would like to participate in the Alpha version trial of “Itcan” please click here.