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Naseej For Technology, Diamond Sponsor of EDUTHON

KKU’s Hackathon on the Future of Education & Artificial Intelligence

Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia − 24 July 2023

Within the framework of its continuous efforts to support educational institutions, Naseej, the Middle East’s leading provider of Knowledge Management Solutions and Services, is glad to announce its participation, as a diamond sponsor,  in EDUTHON − Hackathon on the Future of Education & Artificial Intelligence − which will be organized by King Khaled University (KKU) in collaboration with The Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) from July 24th to July 27th, 2023 at King Khaled University City’s Conference Center in Al-Qaraa, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

EDUTHON aims to rally the efforts of participants, of all categories, behind leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to find effective, sustainable, and scalable digital solutions that address the challenges faced by the education sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East region.

KKU’s AI Hackathon “EDUTHON” is a comprehensive event that assembles participants from a wide array of backgrounds – instructors, students, technicians, designers, entrepreneurs, and many more – to explore and develop innovative, viable solutions that leverage digital platforms to address the multiple challenges of the education sector. The 4-day hackathon will enable participants to learn from AI experts, communicate with scores of like-minded professionals, and use “Design Thinking” principles to develop original, effective solutions that make a difference. Therefore, EDUTHON will achieve its objectives of boosting innovation in the field of education as well as developing purposive, impactful solutions that address the challenges facing the education sector. An exhibition as well as several training and educational workshops will be organized on the sidelines of the event.

In the context of its efforts to spread the culture of digital transformation and share insightful experiences in the learning and training fields, Naseej will organize an in-person educational workshop on the first day of KKU’s AI Hackathon “EDUTHON,” Monday 24 July 2023, entitled “The Future of E-Learning and Training”. The session will be presented by Dr. Ahmed Alhusainy – eLearning and Training Consultant at Naseej and Lecturer at Umm Al-Qura University. Naseej’s workshop will focus on five main topics: the evolution of training and e-learning, the future of electronic training, artificial intelligence and modern technologies, real examples of the use of modern technologies, and the application of digital training, and its challenges.

At the exhibition that will take place alongside EDUTHON, Naseej experts will demonstrate a broad range of cutting-edge technology solutions and services in the fields of eLearning and Knowledge Services, including MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP), MEDAD Learning Management Platform (LMP), MEDAD Training Management Platform (TMP), MEDAD Campus Management Solutions (CMP), MEDAD Proctoring, “itcan” − The Virtual Tutor from MEDAD, Questionmark, Barco WeConnect, and Naseej Custom eLearning Content Development Services.

  1.       MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP): A platform that leverages technology for Higher Education to support institutional performance, quality, and efficiency. The innovative solution caters to the needs of higher education institutions by combining key institutional effectiveness functions – Strategic Planning, Outcomes Assessment, Accreditation & Compliance, Program Review, and Reporting − in one comprehensive platform.
  2.       MEDAD Learning Management Platform: An integrated learning solution that provides a unique eLearning environment and a secure, cost-effective, and reliable platform that comprises the systems of Learning Environment, Learning Objects Repository, Students ePortfolio, Virtual Classrooms, Reports & Analytics, and Smart Mobile Learning.
  3.       MEDAD Training Management Platform (TMP): Comprehensive, cloud-based tools that pull all training and course management administration into one place, thereby providing enterprises, government bodies, and Higher Education institutions with state-of-the-art, cloud management and training solutions that help them transform employee training processes. MEDAD TMP comprises the core features of course management, training modules & activities, advanced analytics system, assessments, polls, invoicing & online registration, certification management, and virtual classroom.
  4.       MEDAD Campus Management Solutions (CMP): Integrated campus management solutions that guarantee you achieve the highest return for your Academic Institute by improving student success rates. MEDAD CMP provides universities and academic institutions with a suite of solutions and services designed to enhance the effectiveness of their daily academic operations such as MEDAD Student Information System, MEDAD Admission, Workflow Management, and many more.
  5.       MEDAD Proctoring: An advanced, scalable, and user-friendly AI solution that uses artificial intelligence to analyze engagement in real time, ensuring a seamless digital experience for users to study and take exams remotely with confidence. The proctoring, recording, and review tool gives the flexibility to deliver exams anywhere, anytime, while maintaining exam integrity.
  1. “ITCAN” − The Virtual Tutor from MEDAD: “ITCAN” is an AI-based virtual tutor service that transforms individuals learning and training. The service supports learners with a wide array of features equipped with an extensive library of interactive lessons, quizzes, and practice exercises that helps deepen learners’ understanding, reinforce concepts, and track their progress over time.
  2.       Questionmark: An enterprise-level, secure platform that empowers organizations and employees alike to unleash their full potential to improve corporate and employee performance. The solution helps institutions and individuals to optimize performance and meet regulatory compliance demands by delivering valid, reliable, and secure online assessments in a way that improves training and development results.
  3.       Barco WeConnect: An online learning platform that is built around learner and instructor needs to make a real impact on organizations’ training strategies by supporting interactive learning, meaningful connections, and data-driven results, thereby enabling successful, engaging, and human-centered teaching and training experiences.
  4.       Naseej Custom eLearning Content Development Services: Services that help all types of institutions customize their training content in a way that empowers their workforces and maximizes productivity. These services have unique capabilities in designing and developing custom courses that include scenarios, infographics, motion graphics, whiteboards, interactive videos, 2D & 3D animation, interactive elements, immersive simulations, game mechanics, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, all aiming to enable learner comprehension and retention.

Commenting on Naseej’s participation, Mr. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej VP − said: “Our support for KKU’s AI Hackathon “EDUTHON” is fully in line with Naseej’s strategy, as we’re sponsoring an event that assembles, under one roof, all the stakeholders that we regard as the hope for complementing the Digital Transformation journey both in the Kingdom and across the Arab world to foster innovation in Artificial Intelligence”.

“We take enormous pride in Naseej’s continuous pursuit of keeping pace with such vital, worldwide-reaching technology as Artificial Intelligence − an effort that contributes to achieving Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious objective of positioning the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a hub of disruptive technologies, including Artificial Intelligence. In this context, Naseej has recently launched the innovative AI, Arabic-Language Model “Noon” as an open-source initiative that empowers Arabic developers to drive Arabic AI advancements and Arabic-based AI offerings and products. Also, we have launched “ITCAN,” an AI-based virtual tutor service that transforms individuals learning and training. Therefore, we will constantly pursue Naseej’s mission of spreading knowledge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all Arabic-speaking countries,” Naseej VP added.

About Naseej

Since 1989, Naseej has gained the trust of hundreds of well-known clients, including The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Princess Nourah bent Abdulrahman University, STC, Kuwait University, and the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, among many other corporations, universities, and academic institutions. Also, Naseej has partnered, over the years, with renowned organizations, including IEEE, Bibliotheca, BARCO, VIVED, evisions, SABA, Zetcom, D2L BRIGHTSPACE, AND EXAM MASTER, Questionmark, among many others.

Top on the list of Naseej’s technology products and services are the MEDAD Cloud Platforms, designed by Naseej to enable educational institutes, government organizations, and business corporations to align their academic, administrative, and training processes, and accelerate their digital transformation journeys while fostering institutional innovation. Under the umbrella of the MEDAD Cloud Platform, Naseej delivers many solutions that have transformed the way education, learning, and business are being done in the region. MEDAD Learning Management Platform provides a unique eLearning environment as well as a secure, cost-effective, and reliable platform to keep your Learning programs running at peak performance.

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