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Sulaiman AL Rajhi Partnership

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – February 2024

In accordance with Sulaiman Al Rajhi University’s aspiration to emerge as a prominent establishment in education, research, and services on national and regional scales, Naseej for Technology has provided its cutting-edge cloud-hosted Medad Institutional Effectiveness, a platform that encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of higher education institutions. This partnership marks a significant step forward to drive educational excellence and innovation in the region.

Medad Institutional Effectiveness Platform -Medad IEP- offers a centralized solution that integrates essential functions that ensure transparency, ease of use, and adaptability without compromising capability. From automated processes to seamless data analysis, Medad IEP enables universities to conduct ongoing, research-based planning, evaluation, and assessment to achieve excellence in performance, quality, and efficiency.

By selecting Medad IEP, Sulaiman Al Rajhi University will streamline academic, administrative, and training processes, advancing its digital transformation and fostering institutional innovation through a comprehensive suite of systems encompassing:

  • Management of surveys
  • Evaluation of course quality
  • Assessment of learning outcomes
  • Institutional research management
  • Academic accreditation management
  • Management of programs and courses
  • Strategy and quality assurance management

Through this collaboration, Naseej will provide various services such as hosting, technical support, maintenance, professional configuration, and seamless integration with existing university systems.

Engineer Othman Al-Abdulkarim, CEO of Naseej for Technology, expressed his appreciation for the partnership with Sulaiman Al Rajhi University, an esteemed institution renowned for its excellence in education and research across multiple disciplines. He affirmed his belief that implementing Medad IEP would significantly support the university’s digital evolution and spur institutional innovation. He emphasized that by leveraging the capabilities of the Medad platform, the university will gain access to advanced tools and insights, leading to ongoing enhancements and an enriched student learning environment.

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About Sulaiman Al Rajhi University:

Sulaiman Al Rajhi University is a non-profit university complex in Saudi Arabia, established in 2009. It offers various medical, applied sciences, nursing, and business administration programs. The project boasts a modern infrastructure, incorporates intelligent city technologies, and collaborates with the University of Maastricht for its medical program.

About Naseej Company:

Naseej is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, empowering organizations to achieve their strategic objectives, foster innovation, and maximize productivity in the digital age. The company offers a comprehensive suite of platforms and services, including the Medad Cloud Platform, designed specifically for the needs of educational institutions, government organizations, and corporations.

About Medad IEP:

Medad Institutional Effectiveness Platform (Medad IEP) is a cloud-based solution to enhance strategic objectives, quality assurance practices, and overall institutional performance in higher education. By integrating functions like strategy management, learning outcomes assessment, accreditation, institutional research, program management, and surveys, Medad IEP offers a comprehensive framework for educational excellence. It enables efficient management and monitoring of institutional effectiveness through centralized and integrated features, providing robust analytics and business intelligence tools to support informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives. With its flexibility and user-friendliness, Medad IEP seamlessly integrates with existing learning management systems and campus technologies, meeting the diverse needs of higher education institutions.

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