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HR Leaders Conference

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – April 2024

Naseej for Technology, a pioneer in digital solutions,  a silver sponsor in the seventh edition of the HR Leaders Conference in Riyadh, themed “The Future of Human Resources and Transformation.” This conference is one of the foremost annual gatherings in the region’s human resources domain and brings together elite thinkers and experts to discuss pivotal issues shaping this dynamic field.

Naseej’s participation in this conference underscores its steadfast dedication to advancing leadership in learning and development practices, as well as its eagerness to understand emerging technologies and prepare for the dynamic transformations shaping the landscape of digital training. We are confident that this gathering will provide an exceptional opportunity to engage with esteemed learning and development leaders, stay abreast of cutting-edge trends and developments, and share our latest technologies and expertise with the broader HR community.

The HR Leaders Conference offers an exceptional opportunity for human resources specialists from diverse sectors to exchange insights and experiences, fostering continuous learning and development. Additionally, it provides partners with a forum to engage and share intellectual leadership with an enthusiastic audience.

Beyond our comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions supporting various sectors, Naseej offers eLearning content development services. These services assist companies in creating and delivering interactive and compelling educational programs tailored to their specific requirements. Moreover, we provide a range of leading-edge solutions to support the digital transformation in learning and training, including:

  • Madad Training Management Platform: a centralized hub for implementing, managing, tracking, and analyzing training initiatives and overseeing user certifications and qualifications.
  • Questionmark Assessment Management Platform: enhances the knowledge and skills assessment process, fosters improved learning outcomes, and refines evaluation practices.

At Naseej, we recognize the importance of collaborating with diverse partners within the human resources landscape to drive forward progress and achieve shared objectives. We are dedicated to cultivating robust relationships with our clients and partners, delivering innovative technological solutions that effectively contribute to realizing digital transformation and elevating efficiency.

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About Naseej for technology:

Naseej for Technology is a forward-thinking technology provider with a history of over thirty years. It has gained the trust of prestigious clients and formed lasting partnerships with renowned organizations. At the forefront of Naseej’s offerings are the MEDAD Cloud Platforms, meticulously designed to empower educational institutions, government organizations, and corporate entities to automate, streamline, and synchronize their academic, administrative, and training processes. These platforms serve as catalysts for expediting digital transformation journeys while nurturing institutional innovation. Within MEDAD Cloud Platform framework, Naseej provides an array of transformative solutions that have reshaped the region’s educational, learning, and business landscape.

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